Table 2-8Deterministic results

Deterministic results
Patients admitted for treating AAWPatients admitted for treating a co- morbid condition
AnalysisDaeppenSaitzLange- AsschenfeldWeaver
Base case analysis
Dominant (£398)*Dominant (£551)*Dominant (£723)*Dominant (£27)*
Sensitivity analysis
Remove hospitalisation costDominant (£6)*Dominant (£13)*Dominant (£2)*n/a
Using other drug 1Dominant (£395)*Dominant (£557)*n/aDominant (£54)*
Using other drug 2n/an/an/aDominant (£16)*
Inpatient cost £254 per dayDominant (£461)*Dominant (£637)*Dominant (£838)*n/a
Inpatient cost £271 per dayDominant (£491)*Dominant (£679)*Dominant (£894)*n/a
No. of assessment (favour S-T)Dominant (£408)*Dominant (£559)*Dominant (£752)*Dominant (£43)*
No. of assessment (favour F-D)Dominant (£379)*Dominant (£544)*Dominant (£698)*Dominant (£2)*
Nurse cost - Band 6Dominant (£399)*Dominant (£554)*Dominant (£723)*Dominant (£29)*
Time per nurse assessmentDominant (£376)*Dominant (£533)*Dominant (£671)*ICER = £7,489/QALY**
Nurse cost – adding non-contact timeDominant (£400)*Dominant (£563)*Dominant (£723)*Dominant (£33)*
Probabilistic results
Base-case analysisDominant (£396)*Dominant (£563)*Dominant (£735)*Dominant (£29)*

The symptom-triggered regimen is more efficient and less costly compared to the fixed-dosing regimen (total cost saved per patient using the symptom-triggered regimen is presented).


The symptom-triggered regimen is more effective and more costly compared to the fixed-dosing regimen; the Incremental Cost-Effectiveness Ratio (ICER) is presented (which is below the NICE threshold of £20k/QALY gained).

From: 2, Acute Alcohol Withdrawal

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