Table 4Weight Change in Behavioral-Based Weight Maintenance Interventions

ReferenceTime since baselineTime since weight loss intervention endedTime since maintenance intervention ended# of maintenance sessionsBaseline weight and weight change (kg)
Cussler 200814816 mo12 mo0 mo2Mean (SD) at baseline, mean change (SD) at 16 mo (12 mo since end of weight loss phase)
BL16 mo
IG84.4 (12.6)0.7 (5.4)
CG82.0 (10.8)1.0 (4.6)
Perri 198816424 mo18 mo6 mo26Mean at baseline, mean change (SD) at 6, 12, 18,and 24 mo
BL6 mo*12 mo18 mo24 mo
IG197.4-13.2 (5.4)-15.8 (11.8)-12.9 (12.4)-11.4 (12.1)
IG296.9-11.3 (3.1)-13.5 (6.2)-13.4 (7.4)-8.4 (7.5)
IG395.2-13.1 (4.8)-15.2 (6.2)-13.0 (7.6)-9.1 (6.4)
IG497.4-13.7 (5.9)-17.8 (11.7)-15.7 (14.3)-13.5 (15.2)
CG89.0-10.8 (7.6)-8.9 (8.8)-5.7 (6.9)-3.6 (6.2)
Svetkey 2008170 (WLM)30 mo24 mo0 moIG1: 0**
IG2: 30
Mean (SD) at baseline and 6 mo, mean change (SE) at 30 mo
BL6 mo*30 mo
IG197.2 (16.2)88.6 (15.4)-3.3 (0.4)
IG297.1 (17.5)88.7 (16.9)-4.2 (0.4)
CG95.9 (16.2)87.4 (15.3)-2.9 (0.4)

Bold=statistically significant difference between intervention and control groups.


End of weight loss phase


IG1 was a Web- and email-based intervention with no face-to-face or phone contact.

Randomization occurred at the end of the weight loss phase, as apposed to the beginning (such as in Cussler et al and Perri et al).

Abbreviations: BL=baseline; CG=control group; IG=intervention group; mo=month; SD=standard deviation; SE=standard error; WLM= Weight Loss Maintenance.

From: 3, Results

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