Figure 2. Coronin 1C in melanoma.

Figure 2

Coronin 1C in melanoma. A) Immunohistochemical staining of the indicated tissue samples for Coronin 1C. 5 μm sections from melanoma tumors were stained with a new Coronin 1C specific mAb (Roadcap and Bear, unpublished reagent) for 30min at 37°C with a steam heat-induced epitope retrieval, using the streptavidin/biotin method with an alkaline phosphatase label and Permanent Red (Dako) as the chromogen and then stained with hematoxylin. B) qRT-PCR analysis of the indicated melanoma cell lines treated with the Erk inhibitor U0126 or vehicle control for 24 hours.26 Dotted line indicates 1x threshold.

From: The Role of Mammalian Coronins in Development and Disease

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