TABLE 5-2Workforce Development to Support Health Research

Academic Health Centers and Universities
  • Commitment of leaders to train and support health researchers
  • Create multidisciplinary teams of health professional researchers as mentors and role models
  • Facilitate training and inclusion of broad range of other professionals on health research teams and to serve as mentors and role models
  • Provide needed infrastructure to support training of and research opportunities for all types of health researchers
  • Develop innovative curricula and training programs to develop health researchers
  • Provide academic homes and satisfying career paths with appropriate incentives, rewards, and promotion for health researchers
  • Cross-mission planning to leverage clinical investments to support health research training and research opportunities
  • Streamline and update policies (e.g., intellectual property and clinical contracting) to support trainees and other health researchers
Industry, Community, and Other Nonacademic Partners
  • Industry support for training, including funding, venues, and mentors
  • Community partnerships for training sites, research venues, and study partnerships
  • Government and NGO support for training, including funding, venues, and mentors
  • Enhanced public understanding of the importance of supporting training of health researchers
  • Increased philanthropic support for training of broad range of health researchers
National Policy Leaders
  • Enhanced federal funding of and innovative mechanisms for training health researchers
  • Policies and programs that stimulate transdisciplinary training and career opportunities for health researchers
  • Removal of bureaucratic regulations that inhibit health research training and career opportunities

From: 5, Implementation Priorities

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