Table 2Examples of successful plasmid-based TGF- β1 gene therapy

Autoimmune diabetesNaked pDNA (i.m.)1
EAENaked pDNA (i.m.)3
EAECNS-localized DNA-liposome138
Murine lupusNaked pDNA (i.m.)117, 118
Induced colitispDNA (i.m. or intranasal)126, 127
SCW-induced arthritisNaked pDNA (i.m.)128
Cardiac allograft rejection Direct intracardiac injection (naked DNA), or perfusion of heart with DNA-liposome complex129-132
Wound healingApplication of naked DNA to wound113

CNS, central nervous system; EAE, experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis; i.m. pDNA, intra-muscular injection of naked plasmid DNA: TGF-β1, transforming growth factor β1; SCW, streptococcal cell wall.

From: Immunogene Therapy with Nonviral Vectors

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