Table 1Comparison of SNARE protein composition utilized for GLUT4 translocation and insulin exocytosis

ProteinGLUT4 TranslocationFunctional?Insulin ExocytosisFunctional?
Syntaxin 1AbsentN.D. (49,50)PresentYes (34,39,40,158,164,165)
Syntaxin 2PresentNo (46,50,71)PresentNo (34,164)
Syntaxin 3PresentNo (46,50)PresentYes (34,164)
Syntaxin 4PresentYes (44,46,50,70,72,109,120)PresentYes (34,162-164)
VAMP2PresentYes (42,43,45,46,48,49)PresentYes (34,37,39)
VAMP3PresentYes/No (42,46,48,49,110)PresentYes/No (34,37)
SNAP-23PresentYes (41,44,47)PresentYes (160)
SNAP-25AbsentN.D. (49,72)PresentYes (38)
Munc18aAbsentN.D. (70)PresentYes (172)
Munc18bPresentNo (64,71,73)PresentNo (172)
Munc18cPresentYes (41,64,70,73,84,116-119)PresentYes (39,117,118)

N.D.: not determined

From: Regulation of Insulin Action and Insulin Secretion by SNARE-Mediated Vesicle Exocytosis

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