Table 1Terminology and relationship between human and rat intraheptic bile ducts

Human Bile Ducts Diameter in μmRat Bile Ducts Diameter in μm
(Large bile ducts)
Hepatic ducts (>800)
Segmental ducts (400-800)
Area ducts (300-400)
(Small bile ducts)
Septal bile ducts (100-300)
Interlobular bile ducts (15-100)Large bile ducts (>15)
Bile ductules (cholangioes)(<15)Small bile ducts (<15)

These data have been obtained from morphological studies of the bile duct system of rats, and humans.5,7 Reproduced with permission from ref. 5.

From: Functional Heterogeneity of the Intrahepatic Biliary Epithelium

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