Drug TypePrice for 1-Month Supply
MetforminGlucophage®500 mg once a day$25$35
500 mg twice a day$50$70
500 mg three times a day$75$105
850 mg once a day$40$60
850 mg twice a day$80$115
850 mg three times a day$120$175
1,000 mg once a day$45$70
1,000 mg twice a day$90$140
Glucophage XR®500 mg once a day$25$35
1,000 mg once a day$50$70
1,500 mg once a day$75$105
2,000 mg once a day$100$140
Second-Generation Sulfonylureas
GlimepirideAmaryl®1 mg once a day$15$20
2 mg once a day$25$35
4 mg once a day$40$60
8 mg once a day$80$120
GlipizideGlucotrol®5 mg once a day$15$25
10 mg once a day$25$40
10 mg twice a day$50$80
20 mg twice a day$100$160
Glucotrol XL®5 mg once a day$15$25
20 mg once a day$65$90
GlyburideDiabeta®, Micronase®2.5 mg twice a day$40$45
5 mg once a day$30$40
5 mg twice a day$60$80
Glynase PresTab®1.5 mg once a day$9$30
3 mg once a day$18$45
6 mg twice a day$72$145
RepaglinidePrandin®0.5 mg three times a dayNA$255
1 mg three times a dayNA$255
4 mg three times a dayNA$505
NateglinideStarlix®60 mg three times a dayNA$195
120 mg three times a dayNA$200
PioglitazoneActos®15 mg once a dayNA$180
30 mg once a dayNA$275
45 mg once a dayNA$300
Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 (DPP-4) Inhibitors
SitagliptinJanuvia®100 mg once a dayNA$230
SaxagliptinOnglyza®2.5 mg–5 mg once a dayNA$220
Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 (GLP-1) Receptor Agonists
ExenatideByetta®Injection of 5 mcg twice a dayNA$300
Injection of 10 mcg twice a dayNA$330
LiraglutideVictoza®Injection of 0.6 mg once a dayNA$160
Injection of 1.2 mg once a dayNA$315
Injection of 1.8 mg once a dayNA$470

These prices are the Federal median price for generic medicines and the average wholesale price for brand name medicines rounded to the next $5. These prices come from Red Book: Pharmacy’s Fundamental Reference, 2011 Edition.

XR/XL = extended release NA = not available as a generic

From: Comparing Medications for Adults With Type 2 Diabetes

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