Table 1Characteristics of hospitalizations among the elderly, 1997–2004

Number of hospital stays, thousands (percentage of all hospital stays)12,482 (36.0)12,650 (36.3)12,487 (35.2)12,737 (35.0)13,317 (35.8)13,192 (34.9)13,233 (34.6)13,059 (33.8)
Mean costs per stay, dollars*$7,800$7,600$7,700$8,400$8,500$9,100$9,400$9,800
Mean length of stay, days6.
Percentage of hospital stays in which the patient died in the hospital5.1%5.1%5.2%5.0%4.8%4.7%4.7%4.5%
Percentage of hospital stays that were admitted from the ED48.5%50.0%51.6%51.5%53.5%57.4%57.4%57.0%
Number of comorbidities that were present on admission to the hospital1.

1997–2003 costs have been adjusted for inflation and are noted in 2004 dollars.

Source: AHRQ, Center for Delivery, Organization, and Markets, Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project, Nationwide Inpatient Sample, 1997–2004.

From: Trends in Elderly Hospitalizations, 1997–2004

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