Figure 1. The Drosophila Larval Somatic Muscles.

Figure 1

The Drosophila Larval Somatic Muscles. A. Cartoon showing the internal (left) and external (right) views of abdominal segments A2-A7 muscle pattern (adapted from Landgraf, 199957). Dorsal is at top, anterior is left. Identification of the muscles as in Bate, 19933 and in Crossley, 1978.58 Muscle position (D, dorsal; L, lateral; V, ventral) followed by orientation (A, acute; L, longitudinal; O, oblique; T, transverse); SBM, segment border muscle. Motoneurons are shown for reference. ISN, intersegmental nerve (with tracks b and d); SN, segmental nerve (with tracks a and c); TN, transverse nerve. B. The body wall muscles arise from a specialized set of myoblasts called Founder Cells. Founder cells fuse between 3-25 times to neighboring fusion competent myoblasts depending on the muscle. Lateral Transverse muscle 1 (LT1/21) and Ventral Acute muscle (VA2/27) are shown.

From: Development of the Larval Somatic Musculature

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