Table 2Partial list of genes identified as trans-activated by p53 through microarray analyses

Accession NumberGene SymbolDescriptionFunction
U03106p21Cyclin Dependent Kinase Inhibitor 1ACell Cycle
U82987PUMABcl2 binding component 3Apoptosis
L19871ATF3ATF3 Activating Transcription Factor 3Transcription
NM_006763BTG2BTG family member 2DNA Repair
M60974GADD45Growth Arrest and DNA Damage Inducible, AlphaCell Cycle
AB000584MIC-1TGF-B superfamily proteinGrowth factor inhibitor
M15796PCNAProliferating Cell Nuclear AntigenDNA Repair
M31159IGFBP3Insulin Growth Factor Binding Protein 3Growth Factor inhibitor
NM_004419DUSP5Dual Specificity Phosphatase 5Signal Transduction
X57348SFN14-3-3Cell Cycle
AV109962TRAF4TNFR AssociatedApoptosis
AF064071APAF-1Apoptotic Protease Activating Factor 1Apoptosis
AF010309PIG3Quinone Oxidoreductase homologOxidative Stress
A1853375MDM2Transformed 3T3 double minute 2Cell Cycle
AF016266Killer/DR5TRAIL Receptor 2Apoptosis
U23765BAKBcl2 Antogonist/Killer 1Apoptosis
X70340TGF-alphaTransforming Growth Factor AlphaGrowth Factor Inhibitor
U18300DDB2Damage specific DNA binding Protein 2DNA Repair
L22474BaxBcl2-associated X ProteinApoptosis
M36067LIG1DNA Ligase IDNA Repair
L20046ERCC5DNA excision repair-related geneDNA Repair
M63488RPA1Replication Factor A protein 1DNA Repair
X72012EngEndoglinECM Receptor
U24389LOXL1Lysyl oxidase-like proteinMetabolsim
X62535DGKADiacylglycerol Kinase (Alpha)Signal Transduction
L19871ATF3Activating Transcription Factor 3Transcription
AF012923Wig1Wild type p53 induced gene 1Apoptosis
M83649TNFRSF6TNF Receptor Super Family member 6Apoptosis
M65199EDN2Endothelin 2Cell-Cell signaling

From: p53's Dilemma in Transcription: Analysis by Microarrays

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