Table 1Membrane proteins of the mammalian and yeast Golgi apparatus

CategoryMammalian ProteinsCommentYeast ProteinsComment
Glycosidasesα-Mannosidase I, IIType II,cis-trans, N-glycan trimmingnone
Glycosyl-transferases (examples)GlcNAc phosphotransferaseERGIC-cis, transfers P-GlcNAc to lysosomal glycoproteins, first step in Man-6-P synthesisOch1Type II, cis, initiating α1,6-mannosyltransferase
GlcNAc transferase IType II, medial-trans, N-glycan synthesisMnn9, Van1Type II, cis, α1,6-mannosyltransferase, (Man Pol I)
α1,6-fucosyltransferaseType II, N-glycan synthesisMnn9, 10, 11, Hoc1, Anp1Type II, cis, α1,6-mannosyltransferase (Man Pol II)
β1,4-GaltransferaseType II, trans-TGN, N-glycan synthesisMnn6Type II, mannosylphosphate transferase,
α1,2-SialyltransferaseType II, trans-TGN, N-glycan synthesisMnn2, 5Type II, medial, α1,2-mannosyltransferase
Mnn1Type II, trans-TGN, α1,3-mannosyltransferase
nucleotide sugar transportersCMP-sialic acid UDP-galactose UDP-GlcNAcPolytopic proteins, transport nucleotide sugar into lumen coupled with antiport of correspondingVrg4Polytopic, GDP-mannose transporter, likely functions as a GDP-man/GMP antiporter
(examples)UDPasenucleoside monophosphate.Hvg1Potential GDP-mannose transporter
nucleoside diphosphatases ProteasesGDPaseType II, medial - trans, hydrolyze UDP or GDP into UMP or GMP and PiGda1Type II, cis-trans, GDPase
Proprotein processingFurin Prohormone convertasesType I, TGN, Cleave proproteins at dibasic sites, process hormone and neuropeptide precursorsKex2Type I, TGN, endopeptidase, α-factor processing
Carboxypeptidase EType I, TGN, Processes proinsulinSte13Type II, TGN, dipeptidylaminopeptidase A, α-factor processing
Kex1Type I, TGN, carboxypeptidase, α-factor processing
Other proteasesSite 1 and 2 proteaseCleaves SREBP, cholesterol regulationnone
β, γ-secretasesMembrane proteases, cleaves amyloid precursor,none
Protein transport
Sorting receptorsMan-6-P receptorType I, TGN, lysosomal protein sortingVps10Type I, TGN, Carboxypeptidase Y receptor
Mrl1Type I, TGN, Similar to Man-6-P receptor
KDEL receptorPolytopic, ERGIC-cis, retrieve KDEL proteins from Golgi back to ERErd2 Rer1Polytopic, cis, HDEL receptor Polytopic, recycles ER membrane proteins (Sec12)
p24 proteinsType I, ER-cis, potential cargo receptors cycling between ER and GolgiEmp24, Erv25, Erp1-6Type 1, ER-cis, p24 family proteins, potential cargo receptors cycling between ER and Golgi
p58/ERGIC53, VIP36Type I, ER-cis, lectin, cargo receptorsEmp46/47Type I, cis-medial, lectin, cargo receptors
TGN38Type I, TGN, potential cargo receptor
Small GTPasesARF1-5Myristoylated. Recruits COPI and adaptins/clathrin to Golgi membranesARF1, 2Myristoylated. Recruits COPI and adaptins/clathrin to Golgi membranes
Rab1, 1b, 2, 6, 6b, 10, 11, 12, 130, 33bPrenylated, vesicle traffickingYpt1, 6, 31, 32, Sec4Prenylated, vesicle trafficking
Gmh1 Polytopic, cis-medial, interacts with ARF-GEFGmh1Polytopic, cis-medial, interacts with ARF-GEF
Membrane fusionSyntaxin ERS245 Type II. Syntaxin 5 / Ers24 / Membrin form a t-SNARE complex on early GolgiSed5 Sec22Type II. Sed5 / Sec22 / Bos1 form a t-SNARE complex on early Golgi
(SNAREs)Membrin rBet1membranes and rBet1 is the complementary v-SNARE. ER to Golgi transport.Bos1 Bet1membranes and Bet1 is the complementary v-SNARE. ER to Golgi transport.
Syntaxin 5Type II except mYkt6 (prenylated).Sed5Type II except Ykt6 (prenylated).
mYkt6 GOS28 GS15Syntaxin 5 / Ykt6 / GOS28 form a t-SNARE complex in medial or trans Golgi membranes and GS15 is the complementary v-SNARE. Intra-Golgi transport.Ykt6 Gos1 Sft1Syntaxin 5 / Ykt6 / Gos1 form a t-SNARE complex in Golgi membranes and Sft1 is the complementary v-SNARE. Intra-Golgi transport.
Syntaxin 6 Syntaxin 16 Vti1a Type II. Syntaxin 6 / 16 / Vti1a form a t-SNARE complex in the TGN and VAMP3 or VAMP4 is the complementary v-SNARE. Tlg1 Tlg2 Vti1Type II. Tlg1 / Tlg2 / Vti1 form a t-SNARE complex in the TGN and Snc1 or Snc2 is the complementary
VAMP3 or 4Endosome to TGN transport.Snc1 or 2v-SNARE. Endosome to TGN transport.
Tethers/matrixGiantinType II, may serve as a vesicle tethering protein
GRASP65Myristoylated, Golgi stacking, inheritanceGrh1uncharacterized
Pumps/ exchanger
ATP-dependent pumpsV-type ATPaseMultisubunit, H+-ATPase, acidify late Golgi cisternaeVma genesMultisubunit, H+-ATPase, acidify late Golgi cisternae
Cu- ATPaseCopper transporters, ATP7a, Menkes disease proteinCcc2 and Pca1Copper transporters
Ca++/Mn++ ATPaseCalcium/manganese transporter, ATP2C1, Hailey-Hailey diseasePmr1Calcium/Manganese transporter
ATPase II (ATP8A1)Potential aminophospholipid translocase, generates membrane asymmetryDrs2, Neo1 and Dnf proteinsPotential aminophospholipid translocases, involved in protein transport from the Golgi
ChannelsClC chloride channelsNegative charge shunts, potential regulator of pHGef1Potential Chloride channel, cation homeostasis
Na+,K+/H+ exchangersLumenal ion homeostasis, potential regulator of pHNhx1Na+/H+ exchanger, primarily endosomal

From: The Golgi Apparatus

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