Table 2Vertebrate animal models of HH-GLI dependent cancers

Tadpole Somatic misexpression
GLI1CNS tumors55Gli-antisense55
Mouse Germ line transgenesis
Ptch1+/- Medulloblastoma82,83
Ptch1+/- + X-ray irradiationMedulloblastoma219
Ptch1+/-; p53-/- Medulloblastoma160Hh-Antag691161
Somatic retroviral infection
Shh; Shh+cMycMedulloblastoma221
Shh; Shh+IGF2 ; Shh+AktMedulloblastoma222
Tadpole Somatic misexpression
GLI1Skin tumors18Gli-antisense55
Mouse Germ line transgenesis
K14-ShhBasal cell carcinoma74
K5-SMO-M2Basal cell carcinoma62
Ptch1+/- + X-ray irradiationBasal cell carcinoma, trichoepithelioma78,218Cur61414 Cyclopamine111 224
K5-GLI1Basal cell carcinoma, trichoepithelioma75
K5-Gli2Basal cell carcinoma79
K5-N'ΔGli2Trichoblastoma, cylindrioma, follicular hamartoma80
K5-SMO-M2Follicular hamartoma77
K5-rTA x tetO-Gli2Basal cell carcinoma81Conditional Gli2 81 expression OFFHeme-NO Heme-Histamine
Mouse Germ line transgenesis
ShhPancreas dysplasia113
Ptch1+/- + carcinogenBladder cancer128

From: How the Hedgehog Outfoxed the Crab: Interference with HEDGEHOG-GLI Signaling as Anti-Cancer Therapy?

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