TABLE A10-1Summary of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Strategy Refresh Process

AreaDescriptionStrategic Questions
Look backReview prior strategy: progress, challenges, lessons, implications; embracing mistakesWhat are the lessons from the prior strategy and implications for our future work?
How has the landscape changed and how would this modify our approach?
ScopingOpportunity mapping: analysis of the problem and identifying potential areas of opportunity for change and progressHow can the problem be characterized?
How can the problem be approached?
Define alternative ways of addressing the problem?
Which are most promising? Which are critical to success?
What is not being done, and where are the gaps?
Theory of changeWhat needs to change to solve the problem?How do we think change will happen?
Has this changed?
Strategy choicesWhat needs to be done to solve the problem: theory of action, including solution leverage and partner leverageWhat will we do and not do? Why? What are the tradeoffs?
How are we maximizing solution leverage (i.e., getting the most out of an intervention or approach)?
What is the role of our partners and how can we support this?
What aligns with our strategic advantage in this space?
What can we hope to achieve with this plan and over what period of time?
ResourcesResource requirements, risksWhat are the resource requirements, financial and human, internal and external? What are the risks?
Execution planTiming, sequencing, and decision road mapsWhat is the timing and sequencing of initiatives?
How will we measure our results?
Monitoring, learning, and evaluation planWhat decision points lie ahead and how do they change future investments?


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