Cover of The New Profile of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Russia

The New Profile of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Russia

A Global and Local Perspective

Summary of a Joint Workshop

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The objectives of the workshop were to learn from the historical and contemporary experiences of the Russian public health community in its efforts to control and combat the spread of drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB), and to draw lessons regarding best practices and novel approaches that can be applied in the region and across the globe. An important objective of the presentations and discussions among workshop speakers and guests was to forge new linkages and collaborations across multiple disciplines and countries and facilitate the sharing of scientific knowledge to benefit TB control efforts. Specifically, the workshop was designed to:

  • increase awareness and create a renewed sense of urgency with respect to the growing global burden of multidrug-resistant (MDR) and extensively drug-resistant (XDR) TB and its profile in Russia;
  • consider the magnitude of transmission of drug-resistant strains and options for control of transmission and infection;
  • address the MDR TB burden in vulnerable populations, including children, those coinfected with HIV, and substance abusers;
  • assess current treatment options and approaches to patient care, taking into account the unique needs of the population being treated;
  • discuss the supply of quality-assured second-line TB drugs and the pipeline for a new “cocktail” of TB drugs;
  • assess the current state of the art for rapid detection of drug resistance and the implications for patient management; and
  • suggest policies for accelerating improvements in treatment and infection control for drug-resistant TB.