FIGURE 11-3. Relationship of heritability estimate and maximum lod score.

FIGURE 11-3Relationship of heritability estimate and maximum lod score

NOTE: The figure shows the maximum lod score (obtained in variance components-based linkage analysis across the autosomal chromosomes) as a function of the estimated heritability for the expression levels of 19,648 autosomal transcripts. The expression phenotypes were generated on lymphocyte samples from 1,240 Mexican American family members, participants in the San Antonio Family Heart Study (Mitchell et al., 1996). The expression phenotypes were normalized by an inverse Gaussian transformation and were adjusted for the overall RNA levels in a sample and for the effects of sex and age. The vertical axis is truncated at 10 (the maximum obtained lod score was > 50).

From: 11, Comments on the Utility of Social Science Surveys for the Discovery and Validation of Genes Influencing Complex Traits

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