BOX 6-1Suggested Resources That Could Be Leveraged for Assessment of Transportation-Related Road Risks and Response Capabilities


  • NASEMSO Model Inventory of Emergency Care Elements (MIECE)
    • A method of expressing and comparing risk based on resources
  • NASEMSO Event Response Readiness Assessment (ERRA)
    • Self-assessment tool to identify opportunities for improvement and advanced planning for MCIs
  • The CDC's development of metrics to assess achievement of Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Cooperative Agreements
  • AASHTO Highway Safety Manual
    • Provides models for predicting the impact of infrastructure changes
  • AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety U.S. Road Assessment Program
    • Data on crashes, fatalities, and serious injury are being used to develop risk maps of roadways
  • U.S. Joint Forces Command, Joint Concept Technology Demonstrations (JCTD)
    • Military approach to rapid assessment and implementation of concepts and technology solutions for joint warfare (including medical support)
  • NHTSA Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety
    • Crime and traffic crash data are studied to determine the most effective deployment of law enforcement resources

Data Sources

  • Fully integrated, statewide trauma systems that include data-rich, systemwide trauma registries (e.g., Centura Health Trauma System which represents the largest health care system in Colorado and aggregates rural MCI and patient outcomes data)
  • Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP) database
    • Includes health statistics and information on hospital inpatient and emergency department utilization
  • Regional or state dispatch data systems
    • Contain event logs and location information across fire departments, EMS, and law enforcement

From: 6, Establishing Metrics to Assess Risk and Capabilities

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