Table 1Published, deposited B. stearothermophilus crystal structures

PDB IDConformational StateReference
1D2ROpen; Unliganded13
1MAWOpen complex with ATP15
1MB2Open complex with Tryptophan15
1M83Closed, pre-transition state complex with ATP15
1MAUClosed, pre-transition state complex with ATP and tryptophanamide15
1I6MClosed; Trp-5_AMP (Products) complex14
1I6KClosed; Trp-5_AMP (Products) complex14
1I6LClosed; Trp-5_AMP (Products) complex14
1O5TCatalytic domain of human TrprS52
1R6TIntact human TrpRS18

From: Trytophanyl-tRNA Synthetases

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