Table 1Caspases and their substratesa

12 ICEIL-1β1,2; IL-1837,38,41; casp3; casp711; actin181; ICE78; calpastatin182; PARP183; EGFR54;Nedd-4184; PITSLRE185
2186,187Ich-1L; NEDD2PARP-1183; golgin188
3c189-191YAMA, prICE, PARP-1, CPP32, apopainICAD/DFF192–194; casp9; casp6195; Apaf-1196; IL-249; IL-1647; IL-1841; PARP189–191; actinNENRfu 197; vimentin198; gelsolin199; acinus200; Bcl-2201; T-cell receptor53; hILP/XIAP103; casp990; SREBP202; Vav1204; mdm2205; APP206; EGFR54; Nedd-4184; STAT-1207; NF-κB208; I-κB169; TRAF-155; spectrin209; PKC210; MEKK211; pp125FAK212; FAK213; PITSLRE185; PKC-theta 214; p21WAF1/CIP1215; ROCK-1u 216
442,217Ich-2, TX, ICE rel IIcasp144; PARP-1183; casp3218; IL-1β219
5220,221ICE rel III, TYMax222; IL-1β (partial cleavage)219 casp145
6 c223,224Mch-2casp3225; PARP-1224; Nedd-4184; vimentin198; lamin223; TRAF-155; keratin226; β-catenin/plakoglobin227; SATB-1228; AP-2alpha171; FAK213
7229Mch3; ICELAP3; CMH1casp12230; PARP231; T-cell receptor53; vimentin198; Nedd4184; EMAP-II51; EGFR54; Max222
8232,233FLICE; Mch-5; MACHGATA-1234; casp13Rfu 235; casp14236; all procaspases11; TRAF-155,165; BID237,238; RIP166,167
9239,240Mch-6; ICE-LAP-6casp3112,241; casp9fu241; casp7241
1088Mch-4; FLICE-2casp14236; TRAF-155
11d242,243TX; mIch-3ICE75; casp386; IL-1β (partial cleavage); NRfu219
12242mIch-4ER-specific apoptosis244
13235ERICEcasp3219; IL-1β219
1412,236,245 associates with caspase-1, -2, -4, -8, -10

a General remark: Due to space limitations, this table of substrates cannot make the claim to be exhaustive; however, examples are provided for the various groups of substrates targeted by caspases.

bAlthough numerous molecules are listed as substrates of particular caspases, some molecules, for example fodrin,246,247 are also cleaved by other enzymes.

cPossibly posttranslational modifications result in multiple species of casp-3 and -6 in apoptotic cells.248

dMurine casp-11 is presumably homologous to human caspase-4242 or caspase-5.45

From: The Role of Caspases in Modulation of Cytokines and Other Molecules in Apoptosis and Inflammation

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