Figure 2. A) Putative CRIB motif in coronins.

Figure 2

A) Putative CRIB motif in coronins. Sequence alignment of a putative CRIB motif of different Homo sapiens coronins (Hs-CRN1-7) and D. discoideum coronin (Dd-CRN12) with X. laevis coronins (Xl-CRN2a, 2b). Sequence of β-propeller blade 2 (yellow line) and β-propeller blade 3 (red line) corresponding to aa78-169 of H. sapiens CORO1C/CRN2 are shown. CRIB motif conservation across different Human, Dictyostelium and Xenopus coronins is highlighted. Rectangle boxes A-D specify β-strands of the coronin WD domain, the dotted line denotes the loop between blade 2 and 3.

B) Structural homology model of coronin 3 (see chapter II-3) highlighting the putative CRIB motif (blue) stretching from β strand D of blade 2 (yellow) and ending with β strand A of blade 3 (red).

From: Evolutionary and Functional Diversity of Coronin Proteins

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