Table 1Kinetics of aminoacylation of native and synthetic tmRNA compared with native and synthetic tRNAAla

Kinetic Constants
RNAsAminoacylation Plateaus (%)KM (μM)kcat (10-3 s-1)
Synthetic RNAs
Native RNAs

For synthetic tmRNA, the values are from Barends et al34; for native tmRNA, the value is from Felden et al.14 For synthetic tRNAAla, the values are from Pleiss et al31 and Barends et al34; for native tRNAAla/UGC, the values are from Park et al.57 Aminoacylation plateaus, KM and kcat are ± 10%, ± 0.3μM (tRNA) and ± 3μM (tmRNA), and ± 4.10-2.s-1 (tRNA) and ± 4.10-3.s-1 (tmRNA), respectively.

From: Protein Tagging and Ribosome Rescue in Bacteria Requires the Recognition of Transfer-Messenger RNA by an Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetase

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