Table 3Representative functional classes of WD-and Kelch-repeat proteins

E3 ligase substrate adapterβ-TrCP/Slimb, Cdc4p, Met30p, Sel10Keap1, Gigaxonin, KLHL9/KLHL13, KLHL10, Kelch
≥ 20 additional predicted in mammalian genomes≥ 40 predicted in mammalian genomes
≥ 40 predicted in Arabidopsis genome
Cytoskeletal/Cell polarityActin
Coronin family proteinsKelch, α-scruin,
Aip1pMayven, ENC-1, IPP, Calicin, actin-fragmin kinase
dynein IC
katanin p80
Cell Polarity
LglKel1p, Kel2p (S. cerevisiae) Tea1p (S. pombe) Muskelin
Transcriptional regulationTAFII Groucho/TLE Tup1p, Esc HIRA/CAF-1 p60 subunitHCF
SignalingG-β RACK1 Bub3 CDC20Attractin/Mahagony
Vesicle traffickingCoatomer subunits: α-COP, β-COP COPII coat subunits: Sec13p , Sec31pp40
RNA processingSli8p, CstF-50, Prp17 Prp4

From: Phylogenetic, Structural and Functional Relationships between WD-and Kelch-Repeat Proteins

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