Table 1Wnt expression in vertebrate gastrulae

Wnt-2B/13primitive streak and mesoderm139
Wnt-3primitive streak and mesoderm140
Wnt-3Aprimitive streak, posterior lateral plate74,76CM49CM23,32
Wnt-5A1graded in posterior half of embryo,broad in ectoderm and mesoderm141= Wnt-5 ; axial mesoderm143
Wnt-5B1including primitive streak50142
Wnt-8nonaxial mesoderm145posterior epiblast and mesoderm118ventrolateral mesoderm18nonaxial mesendoderm, neuroectoderm (Wnt-8B )20
Wnt-8Banterior neuroectoderm135
Wnt-111newly formed mesendoderm146surrounding the blastopore147blastoderm margin, paraxial head mesoderm, neuroectoderm107

1Note that Wnt-5A and -11 are unlikely to be posteriorizing because they do not appear to signal via β-catenin but employ a different, noncanonical Wnt pathway (see chapter 1).

From: The Role of Wnt Signaling in Vertebrate Head Induction and the Organizer-Gradient Model Dualism

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