Figure 2. Synthesis of α1m and bikunin in human liver.

Figure 2

Synthesis of α1m and bikunin in human liver. The α1-microglobulin/bikunin precursor gene (AMBP), codes for the precursor-protein α1m/bikunin. The signal peptide and the α1m-part are encoded by exons 1-6 and the linker peptide VRR and bikunin-part by exons 7-10. Post-translational modification of the precursor includes glycosylation and cross-linking of bikunin to heavy chains via the glykosaminoglycan, forming the various members of the inter-a-inhibitor family. The α1m- and bikunin-parts are separated in the Golgi apparatus via proteolytic cleavage and then secreted separately to the blood.

From: α1-Microglobulin

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