Figure 7. Schematic representation of the S.

Figure 7

Schematic representation of the S. flexneri virF promoter in the (A) repressed configuration and (B) derepressed configuration. As described in the text, the H-NS- mediated repression is switched on and off by the presence of a thermosensor represented by an intrinsic DNA curvature.81,83 The portion of DNA indicated by a thicker line corresponds to the FIS site III which spans from approximately -119 to -145.82 The center of the bend was determined to be at -136, -118, -106 and -91 at 4°, 28° 32° and 40°, respectively.83 Further details can be found in the text.

From: Repression of Transcription by Curved DNA and Nucleoid Protein H-NS: A Mode of Bacterial Gene Regulation

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