Table 2.2Neck Pain - Manipulation

Study IDQ1. Randomization Adequate?Q2. Treatment Allocation Concealed?Q3. Groups similar at baseline re: prognostic indicatorsQ4. Patient blinded to the intervention?Q5. Care provider blinded to the intervention?Q6. Outcome assessor blinded to the intervention?Q7. Co-interventions avoided or similar?Q8. Compliance acceptable in all groupsQ9. Dropout rate described and acceptable?Q10. Timing of the outcome assessment in all groups similar?Q11. Analysis includes an intention-to-treat analysis?Q12. Reports of the study free of suggestion of selective outcome reporting?Q13. Is this study free of any other bias?Total “Yes”
Bischoff 2003 228Not clearNot clearNot clearNot clearNot clearNot clearNot clearNot clearYesNot clearNot clearNot clearNot clear1
Buchmann 2005 229YesNot clearNot clearNoNoYesYesYesYesYesNot clearYesNot clear7
Cassidy 1992 230Not clearNot clearYesNoNoNot clearNot clearYesYesYesYesYesNot clear6
Chen 2007 231YesNot clearYesNot clearNot clearNot clearYesYesYesYesNot clearYesNot clear7
Cilliers 1998 232Not clearNot clearYesNoNoNot clearYesNot clearNot clearYesNot clearNoNot clear3
Cleland 2004 233Not clearNot clearYesNoNoYesNot clearNot clearNot clearNot clearNot clearNoNot clear2
Cleland 2005 234YesYesYesNoNoNot clearNot clearNot clearYesYesYesYesNot clear7
Cleland 2007 235YesYesYesNoNoNot clearNot clearNot clearYesYesYesYesNot clear7
Egwu 2008 236NoNot clearYesNot clearNoNoYesYesYesYesNoYesNot clear6
Fernandez-de-Las-Penas 2004 237YesNot clearYesNot clearNoNot clearNot clearYesYesYesYesNot clearNot clear6
Giles 1999 21Not clearNot clearNoNoNoNot clearNot clearNoNoNot clearNoYesNo1
Giles 2003 22YesYesNoNoNoYesNoNoNoYesYesNoNot clear5
Giles 2003 22YesYesNoNoNoYesNoNoNoYesYesNoNot clear5
Gonzalez-Iglesias 2009 238YesYesYesNoNoYesNot clearYesYesYesYesYesNot clear9
Haas 2003 239NoNoYesNoYesNot clearYesYesYesYesYesYesNot clear8
Haas 2004 240Not clearYesYesNoNoNot clearNot clearYesYesYesYesYesNot clear7
Hurwitz 2002 241Not clearYesYesNoNoNot clearNot clearNot clearNot clearYesNoYesNot clear4
Krauss 2008 242YesNot clearYesNoNoYesYesNot clearYesYesYesYesYes9
Martinez-Segura 2006 243YesYesYesNoNoYesNot clearNot clearNoYesNot clearYesNo6
Metcalfe 2006 244Not clearNot clearNoNoNoNot clearNot clearYesYesYesNot clearYesNot clear4
Nilsson 1997 245YesNoYesYesNoYesNoYesYesYesNot clearNot clearNot clear7
Parkin-Smith 1998 246YesYesYesNoNoNoYesNot clearNot clearYesNot clearYesNot clear6
Pikula 1999 247YesNot clearNot clearNoNoNoNot clearNot clearNot clearYesNot clearYesYes4
Sloop 1982 248Not clearNot clearYesYesNoYesNoNot clearYesYesNot clearNoNot clear5
Strunk 2008 249YesYesNot clearNoNoNot clearYesYesYesYesNot clearNot clearNo6
van Schalkwyk 2000 250NoNoNot clearNoNoNot clearNot clearNot clearNot clearNot clearNot clearYesNo1
Vernon 1990 251Not clearNoNoNot clearNoYesNot clearYesYesYesYesYesNot clear6
Whittingham 2001 252YesYesYesYesNoNot clearNot clearYesYesYesNot clearYesNot clear8
Yurkiw 1996 253YesNot clearNot clearNoNoYesNot clearYesYesYesYesYesNot clear7

From: Appendix G, Quality Assessment Data

Cover of Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Back Pain II
Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Back Pain II.
Evidence Reports/Technology Assessments, No. 194.
Furlan AD, Yazdi F, Tsertsvadze A, et al.

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