Table 3SAR Analysis for T. cruzi

SAR Analysis for T. cruzi
Image ml158fu13.jpg
Potency (μM) mean ± S.E.M. (n=replicates)Target to Antitarget Fold Selectivity
EntryCIDSIDBroad No.*RR′nT. cruzi inhibitionnToxicity
Image ml158fu14.jpg
Image ml158fu15.jpg
30.763 ±0.0413352.7 ±19.969
Solubility: NDPurity: 91%
Image ml158fu16.jpg
Image ml158fu17.jpg
31.01 ±0.6553inactive>500
Solubility: >500 μMPurity: 93%
Image ml158fu18.jpg
Image ml158fu19.jpg
33.54 ±2.12341.7 ±6.9612
Solubility: 388.9 μMPurity: 88%
Image ml158fu20.jpg
Image ml158fu21.jpg
39.91 ±3.673164 ±53.117
Solubility: >500 μMPurity: 85%

ND= Not determined;


P = Purchased; S = Synthesized

From: Identification of Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Trypansoma cruzi Infection - Probe 3

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