Table 4ATP quantitation of wild type and mutant Huntington striatal cells in normal growth media (DMEM + 10% FBS) and serum deprived media after compound treatment

Data are expressed as the AVG ± STDV of the ratio of the treatment to DMSO (vehicle) control for that cell type and media condition. ML168 (MLS000089318) and MLS000058474 prevent cytotoxicity induced by serum deprivation in cells expressing the mutant huntingtin protein

PubChem CIDPubChem SIDDMEM + 10% FBSSTHdhQ7/7STHdhQ111/111
DMSO Vehicle1.00 ± 0.011.00 ± 0.04
243221489650053MLS0000893181.07 ± 0.011.18 ± 0.04
252612289650054MLS0000584740.99 ± 0.031.13 ± 0.03
PubChem CIDPubChem SIDSFMSTHdhQ7/7STHdhQ111/111
DMSO Vehicle1.00 ± 0.011.00 ± 0.07
243221489650053MLS0000893180.98 ± 0.022.23 ± 0.06
252612289650054MLS0000584740.94 ± 0.041.66 ± 0.10

From: Identification of compounds which inhibit cytotoxicity associated with mutant Huntingtin protein expression

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