Table 2uHTS campaign summary and results

StepScreen typeTargetNumber of compounds testedSelection criteriaNumber of selected compoundsPubChem AIDcAssay statistics
1Primary screenSTAT3194698%Inha>43.4%17238620.846.22
3aSelectivityNF-kB544Inactive in both the NF-κB and STAT1 assays10513080.8717.60
4aTitrationSTAT3122Active in the STAT3 assay and inactive in the STAT1 assay11613990.826.88

The primary screen hit-cutoff was calculated at the average percent activation of all test compounds plus three times the standard deviation.


The hit-cutoff calculated for the primary run was also applied to the confirmation run.


PubChem AIDs are accessible on-line at http://www​.ncbi.nlm.nih​.gov/sites/entrez?db​=pcassay&term=xxxx, where xxxx represents the PubChem AID number listed in the table.

From: Modulators of STAT Transcription Factors for the Targeted Therapy of Cancer (STAT3 Inhibitors)

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