FIGURE 13.9. Hypothesized interaction pathway of the singing-regulated genes (Figure 13.


Hypothesized interaction pathway of the singing-regulated genes (Figure 13.5), according to pathway analyses interactions of the Ingenuity Systems software (Sept. 2008 version). Filled objects (nodes) are the gene/protein-products-regulated singing. Open objects (also nodes) are other interacting gene/protein products based on the ingenuity analysis. The shape of the objects indicates difference types of molecules, with oval indicating transcription factors. Solid lines (edges) indicate direct interactions. Dashed lines (also edges) indicate indirect interactions via intervening genes or proteins. Numbers along edges indicate the number of intervening interacting molecules (either 1 for none, or greater than 1 for more molecules). The abbreviations along the edges indicate the type of interactions: A, activation/deactivation; RB, regulation of binding; PR, protein-mRNA binding; PP, protein-protein binding; PD, protein-DNA binding; B, binding; E, expression; I, inhibition; L, proteolysis; M, biochemical modification; O, other; P, phosphorylation/dephosphorylation; T, transcription; and LO, localization. See for software information.

From: Chapter 13, Behaviorally Regulated mRNA and Protein Expression in the Songbird Brain

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