TABLE 4.12U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Dose Limits

Area of DoseOccupational Dose Limits (mrem/year)Public Dose Limits (mrem/year)
Total effective dose equivalent (or whole body: external + internal)5,000100*
Committed dose equivalent (or any organ dose)50,000NA
Eye dose equivalent (or lens of the eye)15,000NA
Shallow dose equivalent (or skin dose)50,000NA
Extremity dose (or shallow dose to any extremity)50,000NA
Minor (less than 18 years of age)10% of occupational limits for adultsNA
Embryo/fetus of declared pregnant woman (limit taken over time of pregnancy)500NA
Personnel dosimetry is required if occupational dose is likely to exceed 10% of the limit (for embryo/fetus, it is required if worker's dose is likely to exceed 100 mrem during gestation period)

NOTE: For 10 CFR § 35.75 patient release, limit is 500 mrem.

From: 4, Evaluating Hazards and Assessing Risks in the Laboratory

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