Table A1Summary of Completed Assays and AIDs

PubChem AID No.TypeTargetConcentration Range (μM)Samples Tested
1813PrimaryASYN 5′UTR7.5303811
1988ConfirmatoryASYN 5′UTR20 - 0.162913
1990CounterscreenH4-C20 - 0.162193
1994CounterscreenH4-PRP20 - 0.162193
2460Confirmatory-powderASYN 5′UTR20 - 0.1636
2463Counterscreen-powderH4-C20 - 0.1636
2468Counterscreen-powderH4-PRP20 - 0.1636
2473ELISAASYN100 – 0.0061
2484Western BlotASYN100 – 0.11
2471ConfirmatoryASYN 5′UTR20 - 0.164
2454ConfirmatoryASYN 5′UTR1.2-0.0006184
2442ConfirmatoryASYN 5′UTR20-0.1641
2627Western BlotASYN10-0.11
2670ConfirmatoryASYN 5′UTR20-0.000025

From: Identification of a small molecule that selectively inhibits alpha-synuclein translational expression

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