Table 97Admissions to mental health organizations, by type of service and organization: United States, selected years 1986–2004

[Data are based on inventories of mental health organizations]

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Service and organization19861990200220041986199020022004
24-hour hospital and residential treatmentAdmissions in thousands1Admissions per 100,000 civilian population2
All organizations1,8192,1102,1582,713759.9833.0738.9910.5
State and county mental hospitals333283234266139.1111.680.189.1
Private psychiatric hospitals23541147759998.0162.4163.3200.9
Nonfederal general hospital psychiatric services38499621,0871,533354.8379.9372.2514.6
Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers4180203158- - -75.180.354.1- - -
Residential treatment centers for emotionally disturbed children2550636110.219.821.620.3
All other organizations519820013925582.779.047.685.5
Less than 24-hour care6
All organizations2,9553,3774,0994,6671,233.41,333.31,403.21,566.6
State and county mental hospitals68506213028.419.721.243.6
Private psychiatric hospitals13216359844755.264.5204.7150.1
Nonfederal general hospital psychiatric services533661681900222.4260.8233.0302.2
Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers413323599- - -55.392.833.9- - -
Residential treatment centers for emotionally disturbed children6710022219428.139.375.865.2
All other organizations52,0222,1682,4382,995844.0856.2834.31,005.4
- - -

Data not available.


Admissions sometimes are referred to as additions. See Appendix II, Admission.


Civilian population estimates for 2000 and beyond are based on the 2000 census as of July 1; population estimates for 1992–1998 are 1990 postcensal estimates.


These data exclude mental health care provided in nonpsychiatric units of hospitals such as general medical units.


Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers (VA general hospital psychiatric services and VA psychiatric outpatient clinics) were dropped from the survey as of 2004.


Includes freestanding psychiatric outpatient clinics, partial care organizations, and multiservice mental health organizations. See Appendix I, Survey of Mental Health Organizations.


Formerly reported as partial care and outpatient treatment, the survey format was changed in 1994 and the reporting of these services was combined due to similarities in the care provided. These data exclude private office-based mental health care.

NOTES: Data for additional years are available. See Appendix III.

SOURCE: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS). Revised 1990, 1992, 1994, 1998, 2000, and 2002 estimates from the Survey of Mental Health Organizations; 2004 Survey of Mental Health Organizations, unpublished data.

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