Table 115Community hospital beds and average annual percent change, by state: United States, selected years 1960–2008

[Data are based on reporting by a census of hospitals]

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Beds per 1,000 resident population 1Average annual percent change 2
United States3.−1.9−2.4−0.9
 District of Columbia5.−0.10.4−2.7−0.2
 New Hampshire4.−0.9−0.3−2.3−2.9−0.6
 New Jersey3.−1.3−2.1−2.8
 New Mexico2.−1.2−1.0−3.80.6
 New York4.−0.2−0.9−1.6−1.5
 North Carolina3.−2.4−1.3−1.8
 North Dakota5.−0.6−1.5−1.3
 Rhode Island3.−0.5−1.7−3.2
 South Carolina2.−1.7−1.3−0.4
 South Dakota4.−0.21.0−0.7−1.4
 West Virginia4.−1.6−0.7−0.9

Quantity zero.


Civilian population for 1997 and earlier years.


NOTE: The types of facilities included in the category of community hospitals have changed over time. See Appendix II, Hospital.

SOURCE: American Hospital Association (AHA): Hospitals. JAHA 35(15):383–430, 1961 (Copyright 1961: Used with permission of AHA); AHA Annual Survey of Hospitals for 1970 and 1980 unpublished; Hospital Statistics 1991–1992, 2001–2010 editions. Chicago, IL. (Copyrights 1971, 1981, 1991, 2001–2010: Used with permission of Health Forum LLC, an affiliate of the AHA.)

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