Table 104Hospital admissions, average length of stay, outpatient visits, and outpatient surgery by type of ownership and size of hospital: United States, selected years 1975–2008

[Data are based on reporting by a census of hospitals]

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Type of ownership and size of hospital19751980199019952000200620072008
AdmissionsNumber in thousands
All hospitals36,15738,89233,77433,28234,89137,18937,12037,529
 Nonfederal 134,24336,84832,01531,72333,94636,18036,13936,573
  Community 233,43536,14331,18130,94533,08935,37835,34635,761
   For profit2,6463,1653,0663,4284,1414,7324,6264,839
   State-local government7,0677,4135,2364,9614,4964,8484,9675,023
   6–24 beds17415995124141192200205
   25–49 beds1,4311,2548709449951,1881,1701,218
   50–99 beds3,6753,7002,4742,2992,3552,3012,2952,319
   100–199 beds7,0177,1625,8336,2886,7356,6626,3416,304
   200–299 beds6,1746,5966,3336,4956,7027,0087,0096,867
   300–399 beds4,7395,3585,0914,6935,1355,7215,6375,894
   400–499 beds3,6894,4013,6443,4133,6173,8724,0443,895
   500 beds or more6,5377,5136,8406,6907,4108,4358,6509,059
Average length of stay 3Number of days
All hospitals11.410.
   For profit6.
   State-local government7.
   6–24 beds5.
   25–49 beds6.
   50–99 beds6.
   100–199 beds7.
   200–299 beds7.
   300–399 beds7.
   400–499 beds8.
   500 beds or more9.
Outpatient visits 4Number in thousands
All hospitals254,844262,951368,184483,195592,673690,425693,510709,960
 Nonfederal 1202,887212,385309,657423,261531,972606,452611,323631,320
  Community 2190,672202,310301,329414,345521,405599,553603,300624,098
   For profit7,7139,69620,11031,94043,37844,20743,94344,897
   State-local government51,52550,45960,14678,55484,858101,845103,532109,398
   6–24 beds9151,1551,4713,6444,5557,8037,6988,383
   25–49 beds5,8556,22710,81219,46527,00737,05439,17640,729
   50–99 beds16,30317,97627,58238,59749,38552,97554,31256,743
   100–199 beds35,15636,45358,94091,312114,183124,426119,455119,780
   200–299 beds32,77236,07360,56184,08099,248103,431106,535107,977
   300–399 beds29,16930,49543,69954,27773,44482,91681,67190,620
   400–499 beds22,12725,50133,39444,28452,20560,44060,60457,643
   500 beds or more48,37548,43064,87078,685101,378130,508133,849142,223
Outpatient surgeryPercent of total surgeries 5
Community hospitals 2- - -16.350.558.162.763.162.763.2
- - -

Data not available.


The category of nonfederal hospitals comprises psychiatric, tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases hospitals, and long-term and short-term general and other special hospitals. See Appendix II, Hospital.


Community hospitals are nonfederal short-term general and special hospitals whose facilities and services are available to the public. See Appendix II, Hospital.


Average length of stay is calculated as the number of inpatient days divided by the number of admissions. See Appendix II, Average length of stay.


Outpatient visits include visits to the emergency department, outpatient department, referred visits (pharmacy, EKG, radiology), and outpatient surgery. See Appendix II, Outpatient visit.


Total surgeries is a measure of patients with at least one surgical procedure. Persons with multiple surgical procedures during the same outpatient visit or inpatient stay are counted only once. See Appendix II, Outpatient surgery.

NOTE: Data have been revised and differ from previous editions of Health, United States.

SOURCE: American Hospital Association (AHA) Annual Survey of Hospitals. Hospital Statistics, 1976, 1981, 1991–2010 editions. Chicago, IL. (Copyrights 1976, 1981, 1991–2010: Used with the permission of Health Forum LLC, an affiliate of the AHA.)

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