Data table for Figure 37Selected characteristics of discharged hospice care patients: United States, 2007

Under 65 years16.90.8
65 years and over83.10.8
 65–74 years15.41.1
 75–84 years29.51.2
 85 years and over38.21.3
Race and Hispanic origin
Hispanic or Latino4.10.7
Not Hispanic or Latino:
 Black or African American7.61.0
Marital status
Married or living with partner45.41.6
Single, divorced, or separated14.20.9
Vital status at discharge
Medicare beneficiary
Place of care on first day
Private home55.31.7
Nursing home/skilled nursing facility21.11.4
Other place23.61.6

SE is standard error.

NOTES: There were 1.0 million hospice care discharges (weighted) in 2007. The 2007 National Home and Hospice Care Survey data were collected through interviews with agency directors and their designated staffs; no interviews were conducted directly with patients or their families or friends. Data collected on home health care patients and hospice care discharges are taken from medical records. For more information, see: http://www​​/nhhcs/nhhcs_questionnaires.htm. Race and ethnicity of fewer than 2% of hospice care patient discharges were non-Hispanic Asian or American Indian or Alaska Native. These discharges are included in tabulations for characteristics other than race and Hispanic origin. The place of hospice care may change over the course of treatment. Data presented here are based on the place on the first day of hospice care. Other place includes residential care facility, inpatient hospice care agency, hospital, and other locations.

SOURCE: CDC/NCHS, National Home and Hospice Care Survey.

From: Data Tables for Figures 1–41

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