TABLE WO-2Major Antimicrobial Agent Classes Approved for Non-Therapeutic Use in Animals

Antimicrobial ClassSpeciesProphylaxisGrowth Promotion
AminoglycosideBeef cattle, goats, poultry, sheep, swineYesNo
β-Lactam (penicillin)Beef cattle, dairy cows, fowl, poultry, sheep, swineYesYes
β-Lactam (cephalosporin)Beef cattle, dairy cows, poultry, sheep, swineYesNo
IonophoreBeef cattle, fowl, goats, poultry, rabbits, sheepYesYes
LincosamidePoultry, swineYesYes
MacrolideBeef cattle, poultry, swineYesYes
PolypeptideFowl, poultry, swineYesYes
StreptograminBeef cattle, poultry, swineYesYes
SulfonamideBeef cattle, poultry, swineYesYes
TetracyclineBeef cattle, dairy cows, fowl, honey bees, poultry, sheep, swineYesYes
BambermycinsBeef cattle, poultry, swineYesYes
NovobiocinFowl, poultryYesNo
SpectinomycinPoultry, swineYesNo

SOURCE: GAO (1999).

From: Workshop Overview

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