Table 11Efficacy outcomes of Sitagliptin compared with an active agent added to another oral hypoglycemic agent

Author, yearChange in HbA1c from baseline (%)Change in weight from baseline (kg)
52 weeks52 weeks
Nauck, 200734−0.51−0.56−1.5+1.1
104 weeks104 weeks
Seck, 201035−0.54−0.51−1.6+0.7
16–18 weeks16–18 weeks
Scott, 200836−0.73−0.79−0.4+1.5
Rigby 201040
52 weeks52 weeks
Derosa, 201039−1.1−1.0−1.1−2.2
26 weeks26 weeks
Pratley, 201041−0.61.2mg: −1.24
1.8mg: −1.5
−0.961.2mg: −2.86
1.8mg: −3.38

Abbreviations: Glip/MET, glipizide added-on to metformin; PBO/MET, placebo added to metformin; Rosi/MET, rosiglitazone added-on to metformin; S/MET, sitagliptin added-on to metformin; S/PIO, sitagliptin added on to pioglitazone; Met/PIO, metformin added on to pioglitazone.

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