TABLE A-2Total and Avoidable Costs Due to Adverse Events and Redundant Tests

Avoidable Costs (millions)a (95% confidence interval)Percent of Inpatient Costs (%)Total Costs (millions)a (95% confidence interval)Percent of Inpatient Costs (%)
Thromboembolic disease3,090 (1,979–4,466)1.05,041 (3,444–6966)1.7
Hospital-acquired infections5,797 (3,773–8,198)1.98,912 ($5,833–$12,515)3.0
Adverse drug events3,823 (3,067–4,626)1.38,840 (7,442–10,181)2.9
Decubitus ulcers748 (256–1,332)0.3913 (343–1,595)0.3
Other adverse events3,165 (526–7,884)1.18,569 (1,905–18,192)2.7
Redundant labs and radiology tests8,229 (5,015–11,829)2.78,229 (5,015–11,829)2.7
Total potential savings24,858 (20,386–30,673)8.240,503 (31,929–50,464)13.5

Costs in 2004 dollars.

From: Appendix A, Workshop Discussion Background Paper

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