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The GenBank Submissions Handbook [Internet]. Bethesda (MD): National Center for Biotechnology Information (US); 2011-.

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The GenBank Submissions Handbook [Internet].

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Sending your Submission to GenBank

Problems Sending Files by email

I have tried to email my large Sequin file and it will not go through. Do you have a size limit? How do I transmit the file to you?

We don’t have a maximum size limit. However, as many email systems will truncate large messages, we suggest you send us your file(s) using SequinMacroSend if you are having trouble sending us a file by email.

SequinMacroSend was designed for uploading large .sqn files directly to GenBank using a web-interface rather than sending large email attachments.

Fill in the information on the SequinMacroSend form (the form is located at the bottom of the SequinMacroSend page), upload your prepared .sqn file, and the submission will be sent directly to the GenBank submission staff.


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