AppendixMajor ambulatory surgeries performed in community hospitals in 28 states, 2007* (pages 11 through 15)

All-Listed procedures (CCS number and category)Total numberTotal number of surgeries per 100,000 population**Percentage performed in an ambulatory settingMean charge per visit/stay
Ambulatory surgeries (in thousands)Inpatient surgeries (in thousands)Ambulatory surgeriesInpatient surgeriesAmbulatory surgeriesInpatient surgeries
Operations on the nervous system
 1 Incision and excision of CNS73.768.838.135.551.7$10,829$79,485
 3 Laminectomy, excision intervertebral disc82.7292.142.7150.822.1$12,038$24,987
 6 Decompression peripheral nerve184.79.795.45.095.0$4,672$25,956
Operations on the endocrine system
 10 Thyroidectomy, partial or complete33.339.$13,493$20,628
Operations on the eye
 13 Corneal transplant11.$13,119$27,705
 14 Glaucoma procedures41.30.421.30.299.1$4,938$19,231
 15 Lens and cataract procedures689.41.3355.90.799.8$4,870$23,183
 16 Repair of retinal tear, detachment57.01.729.40.997.1$10,516$31,161
 17 Destruction of lesion of retina and choroid31.$2,337$101,386
Operations on the ear
 22 Tympanoplasty36.$7,739$18,555
 23 Myringotomy231.97.2119.73.797.0$3,547$22,930
 24 Mastoidectomy10.$13,900$33,980
 25 Diagnostic procedures on ear4.$2,990$28,530
Operations on the nose, mouth, and pharynx
 28 Plastic procedures on nose127.$7,809$23,343
 30 Tonsillectomy and/or adenoidectomy306.416.7158.18.694.8$5,286$13,618
Operations on the respiratory system
 35 Tracheoscopy and laryngoscopy with biopsy69.241.835.721.662.4$3,267$24,223
 37 Diagnostic bronchoscopy and biopsy of bronchus141.5235.673.0121.637.5$4,608$43,630
 39 Incision of pleura, thoracentesis, chest drainage38.4270.719.8139.812.4$3,076$33,347
Operations on the cardiovascular system
 45 Percutaneous coronary angioplasty (PTCA)34.2469.517.7242.46.8$34,920$46,769
 47 Diagnostic cardiac catheterization, coronary arteriography470.9937.2243.1483.833.4$11,878$28,260
 48 Insertion, revision, replacement, removal of cardiac pacemaker or cardioverter/defibrillator82.4237.142.5122.425.8$28,441$73,658
 53 Varicose vein stripping, lower limb25.40.813.10.497.0$8,459$23,228
 57 Creation, revision and removal of arteriovenous fistula or vessel-to-vessel cannula for dialysis78.935.240.718.269.1$10,277$55,828
 60 Embolectomy and endarterectomy of lower limbs18.828.19.714.540.2$20,550$49,739
Operations on the hemic and lymphatic system
 65 Bone marrow biopsy40.063.020.732.538.8$5,069$56,469
 222 Blood transfusion134.51631.569.4842.17.6$3,435$24,926
Operations on the digestive system
 68 Injection or ligation of esophageal varices7.$2,464$43,076
 69 Esophageal dilatation160.725.$3,116$22,833
 70 Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, biopsy1346.8756.3695.2390.464.0$3,131$25,226
 71 Gastrostomy, temporary and permanent32.1144.716.674.718.1$3,846$51,514
 76 Colonoscopy and biopsy2247.4363.11160.0187.486.1$2,369$24,356
 80 Appendectomy51.9230.326.8118.918.4$14,156$21,746
 81 Hemorrhoid procedures64.27.933.14.189.0$5,978$20,173
 82 Endoscopic cannulation of pancreas (ERCP)42.126.921.713.961.0$6,115$32,782
 83 Biopsy of liver73.450.337.925.959.4$3,599$41,657
 84 Cholecystectomy and common duct exploration312.6266.9161.4137.853.9$10,838$32,339
 85 Inguinal and femoral hernia repair266.931.8137.816.489.3$8,187$35,598
 86 Other hernia repair174.6134.490.169.456.5$8,711$30,397
 87 Laparoscopy83.356.643.029.259.5$8,215$31,572
 88 Abdominal paracentesis62.5132.332.268.332.1$2,590$30,956
 90 Excision, lysis peritoneal adhesions41.3242.121.3125.014.6$10,311$48,373
Operations on the urinary system
 100 Endoscopy and endoscopic biopsy of the urinary tract198.9124.5102.764.361.5$4,300$29,406
 101 Transurethral excision, drainage, or removal urinary obstruction185.671.195.836.772.3$8,044$24,309
 102 Ureteral catheterization165.0118.385.261.158.2$7,944$23,466
 103 Nephrotomy and nephrostomy5.927.83.014.417.5$11,877$45,946
 106 Genitourinary incontinence procedures71.963.537.132.853.1$9,929$16,633
 109 Procedures on the urethra62.823.532.412.172.8$6,544$26,881
Operations on the male genital organs
 113 Transurethral prostatectomy (TURP)30.247.615.624.638.8$10,900$18,612
 114 Open prostatectomy5.854.$22,771$26,890
 115 Circumcision54.7786.228.2405.86.5$4,770$5,727
Operations on the female genital organs
 119 Oophorectomy, unilateral and bilateral61.9235.231.9121.420.8$11,896$22,540
 121 Ligation of fallopian tubes96.8189.549.997.833.8$7,646$11,455
 122 Removal ectopic pregnancy8.411.54.45.942.4$12,421$17,145
 124 Hysterectomy, abdominal and vaginal51.8322.726.7166.613.8$14,839$19,476
 125 Other excision of cervix and uterus266.334.1137.417.688.6$7,362$19,339
 127 Dilatation and curettage (D&C), aspiration after delivery or abortion121.326.362.613.682.2$5,472$13,189
 128 Diagnostic dilatation and curettage (D&C)190.015.398.17.992.6$6,366$22,376
 129 Repair of cystocele and rectocele, obliteration of vaginal vault26.075.213.438.825.7$11,504$16,398
Operations on the musculoskeletal system
 142 Partial excision bone191.2129.898.767.059.6$7,590$43,531
 143 Bunionectomy or repair of toe deformities115.$7,699$21,552
 144 Treatment, facial fracture or dislocation57.520.929.710.873.4$7,872$37,249
 145 Treatment, fracture or dislocation of radius and ulna114.551.059.126.369.2$7,807$27,774
 146 Treatment, fracture or dislocation of hip and femur15.7189.$7,435$39,431
 147 Treatment, fracture or dislocation of lower extremity (other than hip or femur)104.0143.853.774.242.0$8,916$30,789
 148 Other fracture and dislocation procedure147.6101.476.252.359.3$6,986$33,983
 149 Arthroscopy122.710.$8,970$26,028
 150 Division of joint capsule, ligament or cartilage44.89.723.15.082.3$8,436$21,661
 151 Excision of semilunar cartilage of knee316.85.8163.53.098.2$7,357$25,900
 152 Arthroplasty knee140.4375.072.4193.627.2$12,535$38,674
 154 Arthroplasty other than hip or knee180.242.793.022.180.8$11,387$35,824
 155 Arthrocentesis100.344.551.823.069.3$1,149$21,822
 157 Amputation of lower extremity15.774.$5,843$58,073
 158 Spinal fusion28.6240.214.8124.010.6$23,175$67,079
Operations on the integumentary system
 165 Breast biopsy and other diagnostic procedures on breast240.56.7124.13.497.3$3,863$33,749
 166 Lumpectomy, quadrantectomy of breast235.011.1121.35.795.5$7,458$21,836
 167 Mastectomy22.946.011.823.733.3$15,003$23,339
 168 Incision and drainage, skin and subcutaneous tissue169.4145.087.474.953.9$1,674$18,201
 169 Debridement of wound, infection or burn326.0196.0168.3101.262.4$1,790$45,742
 172 Skin graft111.559.857.530.965.1$6,080$66,369

Statistics are based on major surgery-related procedures only. Diagnostic procedures are included only if invasive, requiring anesthesia services or sedation. Additionally, CCS procedure categories with fewer than 2,000 ambulatory surgery cases are excluded. Other excluded procedures include: a procedure that is adjunct to another procedure, a heterogeneous “other” procedure category, dental procedures, and procedures predominantly done in freestanding centers, radiology centers, or physician offices.


Based on State population estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Source: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Center for Delivery, Organization, and Markets, Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project, State Inpatient Databases and State Ambulatory Surgery Databases, 2007, from the following States: CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, HI, IA, IN, KS, KY, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, NC, NE, NH, NJ, NY, OH, OK, SC, SD, TN, UT, VT, and WI.

From: Hospital-Based Ambulatory Surgery, 2007

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