FIGURE 22.6. Assessment of fasted and fed states.


Assessment of fasted and fed states. Metabolic regulation is a continuous process varying from fasted to fed states. Levels of metabolites rise and fall in response to the influx of nutrients from foods, as do the signaling systems that stimulate appetite and mobilize energy in times of need, and inhibit eating and direct energy-rich molecules into storage in times of surplus. The combined molecular-imaging and metabolic-profiling capabilities available today as a result of revolutionary advances in analytical sciences provide an unprecedented opportunity to accurately monitor these processes. If brought to practice as part of routine health care, these tools would similarly revolutionize the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of metabolic diseases. (From Macé K. et al., Nature, 444 (7121), 854, 2006. With permission.)

From: Chapter 22, Food Intake and Obesity: The Case of Fat

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