FIGURE 22.3. Determinants of plasma FA composition.


Determinants of plasma FA composition. The determinants of plasma FA composition include metabolic phenotype, genetic variation, endogenous metabolism, intestinal microflora or gut microbiome, and diet. Gene expression and enzyme function are influenced by both genotype and endogenous metabolic function including hormonal modulation, feedback regulation, and substrate competition. The relative intakes of protein, carbohydrate, and fat, as well as their specific composition (e.g., SFA, MUFA, trans-FA, PUFA, omega-3 (n3) fatty acids, omega-6 (n6) fatty acids, glycemic index (GI), fiber, diet quality (e.g., nutrient density, meal frequency) and phytonutrients all contribute to the effect of diet on plasma lipid composition.

From: Chapter 22, Food Intake and Obesity: The Case of Fat

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