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Pownall ME, Isaacs HV. FGF Signalling in Vertebrate Development. San Rafael (CA): Morgan & Claypool Life Sciences; 2010.

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FGF Signalling in Vertebrate Development.

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Dr. M. E. Pownall and Dr. H. V. Isaacs have been running independent research groups in the Biology Department at the University of York in the UK since 1999. Dr. Pownall did her graduate work at the University of Virginia with Prof. Charles P. Emerson, Jr., where she cloned and characterized quail orthologues of newly identified myogenic regulatory factors. From there, she went on to do postdoctoral work with Prof. Jonathan Slack in Oxford where her interest in FGF signalling and training in amphibian embryology began. Dr. Isaacs also trained and worked in the Slack lab and was involved in the very early studies that involved purifying FGF protein from bovine brains. During their time together in the Slack lab, they identified an autoregulatory loop of FGF4 and Brachyury that maintains the mesoderm, and they began to elucidate a role for FGF in posteriorizing the early embryonic axis. Currently, both research groups are working to understand the regulation of FGF signalling and to characterize genes that are activated downstream of FGF during early amphibian development. The authors also share an interest in the well-being of their two children and large golden retriever.

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