Cover of Colloquium Series on Developmental Biology

Colloquium Series on Developmental Biology

Editor: Daniel S. Kessler.

University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
San Rafael (CA): Morgan & Claypool Life Sciences; 2009-.
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Developmental biology is in a period of extraordinary discovery and research. This field will have a broad impact on the biomedical sciences in the coming decades. Developmental Biology is interdisciplinary and involves the application of techniques and concepts from genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology, and embryology to attack and understand complex developmental mechanisms in plants and animals, from fertilization to aging. Many of the same genes that regulate developmental processes underlie human regulatory gene disorders such as cancer and serve as the genetic basis of common human birth defects. An understanding of fundamental mechanisms of development is providing a basis for the design of gene and cellular therapies for the treatment of many human diseases. Of particular interest is the identification and study of stem cell populations, both natural and induced, which is opening new avenues of research in development, disease, and regenerative medicine. This eBook series is dedicated to providing mechanistic and conceptual insight into the broad field of Developmental Biology. Each eBook is intended to be of value to students, scientists and clinicians in the biomedical sciences.