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Cover of Colloquium Series on Integrated Systems Physiology: From Molecule to Function to Disease

Colloquium Series on Integrated Systems Physiology: From Molecule to Function to Disease

Editors: D. Neil Granger, Ph.D. and Joey P. Granger, Ph.D.

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San Rafael (CA): Morgan & Claypool Life Sciences; 2009-.

Physiology is a scientific discipline devoted to understanding the functions of the body. It addresses function at multiple levels, including molecular, cellular, organ, and system. An appreciation of the processes that occur at each level is necessary to understand function in health and the dysfunction associated with disease. Homeostasis and integration are fundamental principles of physiology that account for the relative constancy of organ processes and bodily function even in the face of substantial environmental changes. This constancy results from integrative, cooperative interactions of chemical and electrical signaling processes within and between cells, organs and systems. This eBook series on the broad field of physiology covers the major organ systems from an integrative perspective that addresses the molecular and cellular processes that contribute to homeostasis. Material on pathophysiology is also included throughout the eBooks. The state-of the art treatises were produced by leading experts in the field of physiology. Each eBook includes stand-alone information and is intended to be of value to students, scientists, and clinicians in the biomedical sciences. Since physiological concepts are an ever-changing work-in-progress, each contributor will have the opportunity to make periodic updates of the covered material.


Copyright © 2009-2010 Morgan & Claypool Life Sciences.
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