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Downloading and Extracting dbGaP Data

Created: ; Last Update: August 12, 2013.

This section of the dbGaP FAQ Archive contains information about how to request, download and extract individual-level data contained in dbGaP, as well as instructions for those with common request, download, and extraction problems.

Please Note: All the FAQs in this section assume that you have completed the dbGaP data access request process, and have been granted authorized access to individual level data. If you do not have authorized access to dbGaP individual-level data, accessing individual-level data using the instructions here will not be possible, as you will not have access to the appropriate password-protected dbGaP sites mentioned.

To begin searching this section of the dbGaP FAQ Archive, you can either:

  • Enter your search word(s) text in the text box at the top of the page and click on the “Go” button,
  • Click on any of the “Requesting, Downloading and Extracting dbGaP Data” sub-categories listed in the navigation box on the right side of the page to navigate to the sub-category of your choice.



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