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Cover of Biology of the NMDA Receptor

Biology of the NMDA Receptor

Frontiers in Neuroscience

Editor: Antonius M Van Dongen.

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Boca Raton (FL): CRC Press/Taylor & Francis; .
ISBN-13: 978-1-4200-4414-0


This book covers many aspects of the biology of NMDARs: their role in controlling structure and function of synapses and neurons during early development; how overstimulation of NMDARs results in excitotoxicity and contributes to several progressive brain disorders, including Huntington’s disease; the newly discovered and intriguing interactions of NMDARs and dopamine receptors that mediate reward in the central nervous system; the role of NMDARs in alcohol dependence and the promise of NMDAR-based therapeutics for treating alcoholism; how functional expression is controlled at the level of gene transcription by several families of transcription factors; how NMDAR activation regulates local synaptic protein synthesis required for long-term changes in synaptic strength; the modulation of NMDAR function by signaling cascades cumulating in activation of protein kinases and phosphatases; the importance of cellular mechanisms underlying trafficking and targeting of NMDAR protein for many of its physiological functions; how NMDAR-mediated calcium signaling in dendritic spines controls synaptic efficacy and spine morphology; the roles NMDARs play in different temporal phases of memory formation in Drosophila; the extracellular modulation of NMDARs by polyamines, subunit-specific inhibitors, zinc ions, and pH, and the structural bases for their effects; a detailed description of NMDAR pharmacology, structure–activity relationships of agonists and antagonists, and roads to therapeutic drug design; the physiological roles played by NMDARs and their molecular structures; NMDAR activation mechanisms and the therapeutic potential of allosteric modulators; and the novel role of presynaptically localized NMDARs in controlling synaptic plasticity.


Series editors: Sidney A Simon and Miguel AL Nicolelis

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Copyright © 2009, Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.
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