Figure 8

Figure 8. Recovery of rod phototransduction cascade that results in the re-openning of cGMP-gated channels on the plasma membrane (from light to dark state). IPM, interphotoreceptor matrix; R, rhodopsin (inactive); R*, rhodopsin (active); T, transducin; PDE, phosphodiesterase (inactive); PDE*, phosphodiesterase (active); Rgs9, regulator-of-G-protein-signaling protein 9; R9AP, RGS9 anchor protein; GC, guanylate-cyclase; NCKX, Na/Ca,K exchanger; Arr, arrestin; GCAP, guanylate-cyclase-activating protein. Courtesy of Wolfgang Baehr.

From: Phototransduction in Rods and Cones

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