FIGURE 3.3. FRAP of serotonin1A-EYFP receptors in CHO cells.


FRAP of serotonin1A-EYFP receptors in CHO cells. (A) Confocal fluorescence images corresponding to the base of the same cell are shown before and after photobleaching for the indicated duration of time. The prebleach image is shown at time t < 0 and the bleach event is shown at time t ~ 0. (B) Normalized fluorescence intensity in regions 1 (bleach region, red) and 2 (control region, blue) of the images in panel A are shown for the entire duration of the FRAP experiment. The constant fluorescence intensity in region 2 indicates no significant photobleaching of the field due to repeated imaging. The prebleach intensities are shown at time, t < 0. (C) Typical fluorescence recovery plots of the serotonin1A-EYFP receptor in cells in the absence (blue) or presence (red) of aluminum fluoride (AlF4), a receptor-independent activator of G-proteins. The curves are nonlinear regression fits to the model describing fluorescence recovery under uniform disk illumination condition. The scale bar represents 5 μm. Adapted and modified from Ref. [49].

From: Chapter 3, Membrane Organization and Dynamics of the Serotonin1A Receptor Monitored Using Fluorescence Microscopic Approaches

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